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October 31, 2014

TSW Alloy Wheels Introduces Seven New Models for 2015 in Fresh, Exciting Designs and Innovative Finishes

New product lineup features both multi-piece and Rotary Forged® Wheel /RF™ models to achieve stunning new looks and ultra light weight aftermarket wheels.

Huntington Beach, CA October 31, 2014

Huntington Beach, CA, October 31, 2014 - TSW Alloy Wheels Introduces Seven New Models for 2015 in Fresh, Exciting Designs and Innovative Finishes.

TSW Alloy Wheels, long an industry pioneer and innovator, has expanded its product roster of aftermarket wheels by 25% for 2015. The seven new introductions boost TSW’s offering of alloy wheels to 35 designs and, including finish options, 79 variations to choose from. TSW custom wheels are engineered in a wide range of specifications to fit 34 different automobile makes, from Acura to Volvo as well as all domestic nameplates.

“We are exceedingly proud of the new ground we’ve broken in terms of designs, finishes and manufacturing technologies,” enthused Terence Scheckter, president of TSW Alloy Wheels. “From the classic to the cutting edge, our expanded product lineup has a wheel to satisfy every taste and to fit virtually any vehicle,” Scheckter added. Three of the new TSW rims for 2015 employ an innovative multi-piece manufacturing process. Multi-piece wheels combine the light weight of a forged outer barrel with the design flexibility of a cast hub and spoke system. The two components are joined with fusion welding for near-invisible seam and ultimate durability.

The three new multi-piece wheels include the Portier, the Rascasse and the Nouvelle, all named for elements of the famed Monte Carlo racing circuit. The Portier is a bold new look comprised of five oversized U-shape spokes meeting at an intricately architected hub. The Rascasse features an elaborate latticework pattern that could only be realized through the casting process. Both Portier and Rascasse are available in silver with a brushed face and a chrome stainless lip and a unique matte gunmetal with a gloss black lip. The Nouvelle, in contrast, is a spare, elegant design featuring five three-tune forks, and is available in matte black, gloss black with a chrome stainless lip and silver with a brushed face and a chrome stainless lip.

Also named after Monte Carlo Circuit feature is the new Chicane wheel. The Chicane is highlighted by 15 sylphlike spokes radiating from a hub with a cleverly recessed bolt pattern. It is available in gloss black with a mirror face and in subdued matte gunmetal. The Rouge introduction for 2015 flashes “V for Victory” with ten V-shaped spokes finished in silver with a mirror cut face or in gunmetal with a mirror cut face.

The new Bathurst aftermarket rims employ rotary forging technology. Rotary forging produces wheels that are uncommonly lightweight. That’s because the manufacturing process alters the molecular structure of the aluminum alloy in a way that increases its strength. That strength allows TSW engineers to reduce the thickness of the outer barrel, reducing rotational mass. Just as innovative is the Bathurst’s design, a brilliant starburst of ten beveled spokes, executed in silver with a mirror cut face or a spectacular gloss gun metal. The Bathurst 1000kM race is regarded as the pinnacle of Australian motorsports.

The seventh new wheel is the Bristol, named after the NASCAR short track venue located in Tennessee. The Bristol’s most notable feature is the five muscular slab spokes with sculpted edges. The Bristol is finished in matte black or in silver with a mirror cut face.

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