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November 29, 2012

TSW Now Offers a Staggering 414 Variations of its Popular Rotary Forged® Wheel /RF™ Panorama Wheel

The Panorama is available in a wide range of sizes, from 17 inch to 22 inch, to fit the widest range of cars and SUVs.

Huntington Beach, CA (PRWEB) November 29, 2012

Huntington Beach, CA, Nov 29, 2012 - When selecting aftermarket wheels to individualize their rides, car aficionados can be a choosy lot. Wheels are important. The right finish is essential. Bolt pattern obviously matters. Size is a primary pursuit. And design is paramount.

That’s why TSW Alloy Wheels, a pioneer in high-performance car wheels, offers 28 different models to choose from. And one of these models alone, the classy, clean 5-spoke Panorama wheel, offers 414 variations. That includes the choice of the always- popular Matte Black finish, a distinctive Matte Bronze finish or the classic Silver with a machine- cut polished mirror face.

TSW is the leading proponent of staggered wheel fitments, enabling the more aggressive posture and improved performance of having rear axle wheel/tire combos slightly larger than the front axle. In the Panorama family of staggered custom wheels this means an amazing array of 23 different sizes, from 17 x 7.5” to the gargantuan 22 x 11”. Within each diameter—17”, 18”, 19” 20” and 22”—there are three to six widths available for a variety of staggered fitment options.

“Custom wheel buyers are looking for an opportunity to make their car or SUV uniquely theirs,” commented TSW president Terence Scheckter. “The enormous range of designs, finishes, sizes and wheel offsets offered by TSW supports that pursuit.” Scheckter added.

The Panorama wheel not only offers a wide range of style and fitment options, it delivers quality, precision and performance enhancement. The wheel is manufactured using a complex manufacturing methodology termed rotary forging. This technique forges the rim of the wheel under intense pressure while the wheel is being spun at very high speed. This sets off a molecular restructuring of the aluminum alloy that results in a wheel that is at once stronger and dramatically lighter than a conventionally forged wheel. And, because the weight saving accrues to the outer- most circumference of the rim, rotational mass is dramatically reduced which enhances vehicle performance.

TSW Alloy Wheels has a rich racing heritage, being founded by a former Formula One driver. The Panorama family of wheels, like all TSW wheel models, takes its names from one of motor racing’s legendary tracks. The Australian Mount Panorama Motor Racing Circuit is home to the Bathurst 12-hour Motor Race and the Bathurst 1000.

The TSW Alloy Wheels website (// is a shoppers nirvana, with a wide range of tools to discover which wheels fit your car or SUV. Click on the “Configurator” tab in the main navigation bar to access a tool that lets your preview how each of the 23 models available will look on your make, model, model year and color vehicle. The “Car Showroom” tab takes you to a gallery of owner-submitted photographs showing off their rides adorned with TSW wheels. Find a dealer near you by entering a zip code on the website. Or call TSW 1 888-766-7775. TSW dealers are located throughout North America and worldwide, including Discount Tire Direct on the web at