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March 12, 2013

Seeing is Believing: Introducing the TSW Alloy Wheels Configurator

Custom Wheels by TSW available in deep concave rear fitments.

Huntington Beach, CA (PRWEB) March 12, 2013

Huntington Beach, CA, March 12, 2013 - How does one choose just the right custom wheels for one's ride? TSW Alloy Wheels has made that easier than ever with a clever online tool that lets buyers “try on” each of the company’s 28 different model wheels. It is a particularly useful exercise for those attracted to the popular Panorama model. These wheels are available in a staggering 414 variations to provide precise compatibility with the widest range of imported and domestic cars and SUVs.

Simply go to and click on “Configurator” in the main navigation bar. That enables wheel buyers to select their exact vehicle, including its color, and see the Panorama wheel on their vehicle in each of the three different finishes available -Silver with a mirror-cut face, in classic Matte Black and in stunning, differentiating Matte Bronze finish. The Panorama is a stunning, minimalist 5-spoke design that dresses up any car and adds precisely the panache custom wheel buyers are looking for.

TSW offers one of the largest selections of staggered wheels. To ensure precise fitment with your vehicle, the Panorama is available in diameters including 17 inch, 18 inch, 19 inch, 20 inch and 22 inch and a wide variety of widths. Additionally, each size is available in five different five-lug configurations.

“TSW Alloy Wheels has long been an advocate of staggered fitments,” commented Terence Scheckter, president of TSW Alloy Wheels. “A staggered fitment allows for wider tires and wheels on the rear axle, for a more aggressive appearance and improved traction. In each diameter, for example, the Panorama is available in three to five different widths to support a staggered fitment,” Scheckter explained.

What makes Panorama aftermarket wheels truly special is their Rotary Forged® Wheel /RF™ manufacturing process. Rotary forging results in a wheel that is both dramatically lighter weight than a conventional cast alloy wheel, while also being stronger. A Rotary Forged® Wheel /RF™ wheel is created from a specialized aluminum alloy. Complex machinery is required to spin the initial casting while under intense pressure, fundamentally altering the molecular properties of the alloy. This creates a much tighter grain structure than found in a cast wheel. The resulting mechanical strength allows TSW manufacturing engineers to reduce the thickness of the barrel, reducing unsprung weight.

Panorama wheels accommodate OE center caps on select PCD’s – 5x114.3 accepts Lexus, 5x112 accepts Mercedes Benz, 5x120 Accepts BMW, support tire pressure monitoring systems and are hub centric, for a smooth, vibration-free ride and longer tire life.

TSW Alloy Wheels has a rich racing heritage, being founded by a former Formula One driver. The Panorama family of car wheels, like all TSW wheel models, takes its names from one of motor racing’s legendary tracks. The Australian Mount Panorama Motor Racing Circuit is home to the Bathurst 12-hour Motor Race and the Bathurst 1000.

For a dealers, call 1 800-479-9723 or search by zip code on the website. Panorama dealers are located throughout North America and worldwide, including Discount Tire Direct on the web Check out TSW's facebook page or on Instagram @tswalloywheels