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TSW is one of the oldest aftermarket alloy wheel companies in the world. It was founded in the 1960’s by a former Formula One racing driver, Eddie Keizan. TSW Alloy Wheels initially operated as Tiger Sports Wheels and had retail stores in a small manufacturing facility in South Africa. During the 1980’s the company went public on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and manufacturing was expanded dramatically. The company began to supply almost every significant car company in the world. Over the next 20 years, through the purchase of ATS wheels of Germany and other expansions, new production was established in Germany, Poland, South Africa, and the United States.

In 2001, the TSW aftermarket wheels operations were split off from the OE wheel production which continued to operate under the Tiger Wheel and ATS name. The aftermarket operation in the Americas was sold to Terence Scheckter who had formally run that business, and the European aftermarket operation was sold to Yokohama Tire of South Africa. From 2001, TSW Alloy Wheels in the United States began to overhaul the product line and expand the range of wheels dramatically.

Over the next decade, TSW created and launched ten new brands. These included: Beyern BMW Wheels, Black Rhino Truck Wheels, Cray Corvette Wheels, Coventry Jaguar Wheels, Genius Smart Car Wheels, Mandrus Mercedes-Benz Wheels, Petrol Wheels, Redbourne Land Rover Wheels, and Victor Equipment Porsche Wheels.

By 2011, TSW Alloy Wheels in the United States had acquired the European aftermarket business and the Asian aftermarket business from Yokohama Tire.

In 2017, TSW purchased Good Roads, a Florida based distributor and manufacturer of custom wheels and tires. As part of the acquisition, TSW acquired the Status Alloys, Ruff Wheels, Tuff A.T., and XO Luxury brands. During this time, TSW also acquired the Level 8 Motorsports brand.

Between 2016 and 2019, TSW expanded from a single distribution center in Southern California to eight large, company owned distribution centers across the United States. The state of the art distribution centers are situated in the major markets of Los Angeles, Dallas, Seattle, Salt Lake City, Chicago, Philadelphia, Atlanta, and Miami and enable the company reach a majority of the country within 1-2 transit days.

For 2020, TSW introduces the all-new Ohm Tesla Wheels brand catered specifically for electric vehicles with an initial focus on wheels for Tesla vehicles.